Everyone’s hunting for the best trading exchanges in 2020. That’s natural considering how BTC jumped from USD $3500 to USD $11,000 in less than a month! Most other coins have shown a growth of over 10% as well.

So we compiled a very long list of the best trading exchanges out there for you folks. Even if you’re interested in trading other Cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, LTC, DASH etc. most of these platforms would let you do so.

We aim to make this piece the most detailed, elaborate and informative piece that there is to cryptocurrency trading exchanges, so bear with us.

That’s not all, we’ve added answers to a lot of frequently asked questions that you may have regarding some of the best trading exchanges as well.

What are Trading Exchanges?

Trading exchanges are platforms which can either be websites and/or mobile apps letting you trade Cryptocurrencies.

Trading means being able to exchange one of your assets for another. For e.g. being able to trade Bitcoin for Ethereum, Litecoin for Bitcoin, Litecoin for Ripple, Ripple for Dash or vice-versa.

The list is nearly infinite as you can pair up any two currencies with each other.

Although some of these platforms also let you Buy Cryptocurrencies if you don’t already own any. This way, you can trade your fiat currencies (normal money) for Cryptocurrencies.

Most often, the best trading exchanges  let you exchange more than just one type of Cryptocurrencies.

Factors we’ve Considered

So what makes one of these trading exchanges better than the other? Or why have I put platform X here and not platform Y?

Here are the factors which really are important for a trading exchange, and were considered for this massive comparison-guide of the best trading exchanges out there.

1. Verification Requirements (KYC)

The registration policy means the ease, or anonymity of registration that a trading exchange provides its users.

Some exchanges require users to fulfil KYC requirements before you can trade on them. This includes your identity documents, a photo, address proof and so on.

This is a major privacy-breach, as the exchanges get direct access to your real-life identity. So if you’re someone who’s looking to get things done on the quite, these platforms may not be your first choices.

On the other hand, there do exist platforms without any such requirements. Who let you register simply using an E-mail ID. Those are the exchanges we’ve prioritised on this best trading exchanges piece.

2. Registration Time

Not all platforms are as fast as we’d like them to be. Especially the ones with KYC requirements. They require couple days for your document verification only after which trading on the platform is possible.

While those which do not have KYC requirements are instant, or comparatively faster.

3. Countries Supported

The countries across the globe have different policies for Cryptocurrencies. Not every trade exchange has a license or permission to function worldwide.

Hence the number of countries an exchange supports is another factor we’ve considered for this piece.

It’s not just the numbers, we’ve also taken into account a countries’ economical environment.  So “which countries exactly are supported is one of the factors which we researched upon.

4. Fees

There are two types of fee, first the exchange fee. This is the % of the exchange the platform keeps for facilitating each trade.

Then there’s the Deposit and Withdrawal fee levied on each of these individually. The general notion on this best trading exchanges article is that lower fee exchanges are better, higher-fee exchanges are “less better” (if that’s even a word?).

5. Minimum Deposits / Maximum Withdrawals

Minimum deposit is like the lowest amount you can deposit on the platform before making a trade. Maximum withdrawal is the maximum amount of withdrawal possible per transaction, per day, or per month.

It’s important for these numbers to be reasonable. For e.g. many of us can’t work with a 0.5 BTC  minimum deposit requirement, it also won’t be feasible to have a low maximum withdrawal threshold.

6. Exchange Rates

Did you know every exchange has its own exchange rate? For e.g. 1 BTC may = 90.59 XMR for some exchanges, while others may only give you 89.00 for it.

Even with fiats, how many Bitcoins/XMR, ETH (or basically any other coin) you receive for USD $3000 (or any amount of money) will depend on the exact exchange you’re using.

The price difference exists for every coin pair, on every platform regardless of them being or not being the absolute best trading exchanges out there.

7. Payment Methods (Crypto / Fiats)

How can you pay/buy/trade on these best trading exchanges is another crucial aspect, isn’t it? It’s not only for the ease or availability  of options, but also in terms of anonymity.

For e.g. a platform which is “crypto-only” would only support and accept Cryptocurrencies. This  may be a problem if you don’t already own one or other kind of Cryptocurrency.

But, it would provide for a lot more anonymity. But if it’s “ease of use” you prefer, you’d probably want to go with a platform which supports fiat currencies. This would let you purchase coins directly using your Cards / Bank accounts but would be completely traceable.

8. Reputation and Volume

Finally I’ve looked at the reputation of these best trading exchanges. Their history, reviews from other users as well as my own experience on them have been taken into account.

The volume is data of the exchange’s trade-volume, number of transactions, total amount traded in the past day or month.  This helps us form a better picture of its popularity and activeness.

9. Centralized Vs. Decentralized Trading Exchanges

We have focused heavily on the Centralized / decentralized status of these best trading exchanges. In order to learn the differences between the two, please refer to our F.A.Q.

So hey, those were some of the factors based on which we’ve compiled this list. This was to give you an idea of what this article is based upon.

Note that this best trading exchanges guide is just the introductory piece, we’ve got individual reviews on every single platform enlisted here as well.

CC - Credi Card, DC - Debit Card, WT - Wire Transfer, PM - Perfect Money, EP - Electronic Payment , QW - Qiwi, SEPA - SEPA
NameURLFeeDeposit MethodsCentralizedDecentralizedKYCCoins SupportedLeverage Trading
Binancehttps://www.binance.com/0.10%Crypto+Fiats (CC)YesNoOptional150+No
KuCoinhttps://www.kucoin.com/Not ClearCrypto +Fiats (CC)YesNoOptional100+No
OKCoinhttps://www.okcoin.com/0.00%-0.05%Crypto +Fiats (CC/DC/WT)YesNoYes20+Yes
Krakenhttps://www.kraken.com0.00%-0.26%Crypto+Fiats (WT / Cash)YesNoYes20+Yes
Coinbasehttps://www.coinbase.com/0.00%-0.25%Crypto + fiats (CC/DC/WT)YesNoYes22Yes
CoinsBankhttps://coinsbank.com0.2%-0.5%Crypto+Fiats (CC/DC/WT/PM/EP/QW/ SEPA)YesNoFor Fiat Trade4No
Paxfulhttps://paxful.com/0.00%-5%Crypto + fiats (CC/DC/WT/GC/ 300+)-YesNo1No
Bitfinexhttps://www.bitfinex.com/Varies for crypto. 0.1% (Fiat).Crypto +fiatsYesNoFor Fiat Trade151Yes
Bitstamphttps://www.bitstamp.net0.1%-0.25%Crypto+fiats (SEPA/ CC/DC)YesNoYes5-
P2PB2Bhttps://p2pb2b.io/0.20%Crypto + Fiats (CC/DC/WT)YesNoYes150+No
Exmohttps://exmo.com0.20%Crypto + Fiat (CC /WT/ DC)YesNoYes40+-
DigiFinexhttps://www.digifinex.com-0.03%-0.2%Crypto + Fiats (CC)YesNoYes70+Yes
LBankhttps://www.lbank.info/0.10%Crypto +Fiats (WT)YesNoYes50+No
Livecoinhttps://www.livecoin.net0.02-0.18%Crypto+Fiats (CC/DC/WT)YesNoNo300+No
Coin Tigerhttps://www.cointiger.com0.08%-0.15%Crypto + Fiats (CNY only)-YesNo50+No
IDAXhttps://www.idax.pro/0.1%-0.15%Crypto + Fiats (CH CC only)YesNoYes70+No
Bit Zhttps://www.bit-z.com/0%-0.1%Crypto + Fiats (OTC)-NoYes140+Yes
>Coinbenehttps://www.coinbene.com0.10%Crypto+ Fiats (CNY)-NoNo100+No
HitBTChttps://hitbtc.com/-0.01%-0.2%Crypto + Fiat (CC only)-YesOptional377No
ZBhttps://www.zb.com0.20%Cryto + fiat (CNY)YesNoNo81No
Coinegghttps://www.coinegg.com/0.10%Crypto + Fiat (Wechat/Alipay/cards)YesNoYes80+No
BitMarthttps://www.bitmart.com/0.03%-0.25Crypto+Fiats (CC)YesNoYes100+No
Changellyhttps://changelly.com/0.5%-5%Crypto+Fiats (CC/DC/WT)-YesOptional140+No
Bitmarkethttps://www.bitmarket.net/0.00%-0.45%Crypto+Fiats (CC/WT)YesNoOptional13Yes
IDCMhttps://www.idcm.io/0.10%Crypto+Fiats (BNK/ PP/+)-NoNo40+No
BitKubhttps://www.bitkub.com0.25%Crypto+Fiats (THB)YesNoYes27No
Bkexhttps://www.bkex.com0.20%Crypto + Fiats (CH CC only)YesNoYes60No
PrimeXBThttps://primexbt.com/0.05%Crypto + Fiats (CC/DC)YesNoNo130+Yes
LATokenhttps://latoken.com/0.10%Crypto+Fiats (DC/CC)YesNoYes150+No
Bitkerhttps://www.bitker.com0.10%Crypto + Fiat (CNY OTC)YesNoYes80+No
ShapeShifthttps://shapeshift.ioDiffers. 0.001 BTC for BTC.Crypto (Seperate Fiat purchases AV)-YesNo64No
Simexhttps://simex.global0.10%Crypto+Fiats (CC/DC/WT)YesNoYes20+No
ABCChttps://abcc.com0.10%Crypto+Fiats (CC/DC)YesNoNo80+No
coinsbithttps://coinsbit.io/0.20%Crypto + Fiats (CC)YesNoYes15+No
GoPaxhttps://www.gopax.com/0.40%CryptoYesNoOTP Verification40+No
Crypto Bridgehttps://crypto-bridge.org/0.20%Crypto-YesNo (Yes for U.S)250+No
LocalBitcoinshttp://localbitcoins.com0.00%-1%Crypto+Fiats (CC/DC/WT/GC)-YesNo1No

Website: https://www.binance.com

Binance is still one of the best trading exchanges for a number of reasons even though it was recently centralized. It was founded out of China, however its servers are primarily in Japan and South Korea.

It does require registrations however it’s one of those very few best trading exchanges which are centralized yet let users trade without KYC verifications.

Registration time is instant. Is available worldwide except some countries including (but not limited to) Afghanistan, Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Sudan etc. It’s available in the USA but not in New York,  Georgia, Connecticut, New Mexico, Washington and Hawaii.

Depositing Cryptocurrencies is free, Minimum limits and withdrawal fee depends on the exact currency. Minimum BTC withdrawal currently is 0.002 BTC, charged at 0.0005 BTC/withdrawal.

Trading fee starts at 0.1% and goes down with more verifications and levels. Binance lets users fiat directly using Credit and Debit cards. The exchange rates are extremely steep, but there’s a reason to it.

That’s because it includes a 3.5% (or USD $10, whichever is higher)purchase fee for fiats on its Crypto purchases. As for reputation, it has been hacked multiple times although is largely secure and with added protection as of now.

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  • OK Coin

Website: https://www.okcoin.com/

OK Coin totally tops this list of best trading exchanges. It’s centralized and accepts direct fiat deposits, as well as deposits via Cryptocurrencies. Has strict KYC policies and requires verification for deposits/withdrawals for both Cryptocurrencies as well as fiats.

Fiat deposits can be made via Bank transfers, as well as Cards. Minimum deposit via Cards is USD $50.00, while maximum monthly limit being USD $1000.00

Depositing fiats via Wire transfers is free if deposited using Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank, and/or Prime Trust Bank. Prime X Transfers for fiat deposits are free as well. Although if and when EPay is used for fiat deposits there’s a 0.1%/deposit fee.

Note that the platform uses the above banks for “receiving” the funds, users are free to use any Global bank as long as it’s from a supported country (China not included).

Fiat withdrawal too is free via all the methods except Prime Trust bank in which case they levy a USD $35.00 fee/transaction.

Crypto deposits are free, withdrawal fee and limits differ. For BTC there’s a 0.0005 BTC fee/withdrawal, and the minimum limit is 0.01 BTC.

They do have leverage trading. Isn’t available globally and residents from Bangladesh, Bolivia , Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Iran, Malaysia, Ecuador, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, and Syria are restricted from using the platform.

Trading fee is based on trade-volume, starting fee is between 0.05% and 0.10% although it can be lowered to 0.00% and 0.05% for the two parties involved (maker-trader) with higher volumes.

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Website: https://www.kucoin.com/

KuCoin is based out of Republic of Seychelles and is one of the best trading exchanges out there, period.

For starters despite being centralized, it doesn’t need KYC verifications even though they’re available. Non KYC-verified accounts can withdraw a maximum of 2BTC/day, while verification increases these limits.

What’s better is, deposits or trading aren’t effected by the KYC status of user accounts.

It also lets users buy Cryptocurrencies directly using fiat (credit card). The fee is 5% from the total purchase amount (minimum USD $10.00).

Depositing Cryptocurrencies is free on Kucoin. Withdrawal fee and limits are based on specific coins. BTC is charged at 0.0005 BTC/withdrawal and the minimum withdrawal limit being 0.002 BTC.

It supports over 100 countries. Some countries however may not be supported, users are made aware of the support-status for their country on the KYC verification page.

As for crypto trades, it supports nearly 100+ coins. Lowest possible trading fee is 0.03%, the highest being 0.1%/trade. There’s no minimum deposit limit on Cryptocurrencies.

Even though KuCoin has never been hacked before, there’s significant tension in the company’s back-end. Registration is instant without any wait-period. Doesn’t support leverage trading.

  • Cex.io

Website: https://cex.io

Definitely a topper for this list of best trading exchanges, even though not anonymous rather a centralized and non-anonymous exchange.

It’s registered in UK, holds all the essential licenses and is internationally acclaimed.  It however has a very strict KYC policy and needs a photo, as well as a photo of the Card before trades can be made.

The registration time may vary anywhere between 24 hours to a couple days as they need time to verify the documents.

Deposit fee is USD 2.99% for most currencies and card types, however it’s free for Bank, SEPA and ACH transfers. For RUB deposits however it’s 5% + ₽ 15.57 for both VISA as well as Mastercards.

Withdrawal fee varies for every single Card type, and there’s an additional commission as well. There’s a maximum deposit /withdrawal limit of USD $1000/day and USD $3000/month, but it can be lifted with address verification.

The exchange however is still in its Beta version. It accepts Bitcoin directly on Cexbro.com (its trading exchange) or lets us buy funds using Fiat currencies on Cex.io and then transfer them to the exchange.

Is available worldwide although restricts purchases via Credit cards for Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iceland, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen, and Pakistan.

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Website: https://paxful.com/

Paxful is more of a “Bitcoin Buying” platform rather than a trading exchange and differs from the other best trading exchanges on this list. It however can be used to trade Bitcoins.

Paxful is completely decentralized and doesn’t require KYC or verification of any kind It’s a platform which connects an individual buyer and a seller, much like eBay. Registration is instant.

Being “individual-driven”, it supports over 300 ways of depositing funds on the platform.  You can pay via almost any Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Bank Transfers, almost any Gift card on the planet (Amazon, Taco Bell, Dominoz, Google Play, iTunes etc). as well as even cash!

Supports all the countries globally. Buyers do not pay any fee. Sellers pay fee based on their payment methods. The lowest fee is 0.1% for most methods (bank transfers, cards, Crypto payments etc). however may go as high as 5% for some gift cards (such as iTunes).

Withdrawals  are charged at 0.0005 BTC/withdrawal. Minimum/ Max limits/transaction depend on the individual buyer/seller you’re trading with. They can be as low as USD $10 or as high as USD $1,000.

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Website: https://coinsbank.com

CoinsBank is a centralized exchange which doesn’t need KYC as long as you deal purely in Cryptocurrencies which is one of the reasons why it’s on this best trading exchanges list.

It does support fiat deposits which do require KYC verifications. Fiat can be deposited via SEPA, Wire Transfer, Cards, Qiwi, Perfect money, and Epay. Supported fiat currencies are USD, EUR and GBP.

Minimum SEPA deposit required is 10 EUR, no deposit fee. 100 EUR min. withdrawal via SEPA, does carry a 0.5% charge (minimum 30 EUR; maximum 1000 EUR).

USD, EUR and GBP Wire transfers have a minimum requirement and maximum limit of 500 USD/EUR/GBP each. Withdrawals are charged at 3% (minimum 100 USD) for USD and GBP wire withdrawals.

EUR withdrawal however is charged a lower fee of 1% (minimum 50EUR).

Credit/Debit card deposits have a minimum limit of 20 USD/GBP/EUR and maximum limit of 5000 EUR/GBP/USD.  There’s a 3% + 9.95 additional fee. Perfect Money, Epay and Qiwi have their own individual limits.

Charges a 0.5% taker fee and a 0.2% maker fee. Note that the platform has an additional “inactive account maintenance” charge of 45.00 EUR (or equivalent).

Depositing Crypto is free.  Minimum BTC deposit and minimum withdrawal requirement  is 0.0001 BTC. Withdrawal is charged at 0.5%.  Fees vary for other Currencies.

Is low on Crypto listings and only has 4 coins (BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP) and around 14 trading pairs.

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  • Kraken

Website: https://www.kraken.com/

Kraken is a U.S based trading exchange founded in 2011. It’s a centralized exchange and does require verifications. Currently it has 3 verification levels, Starter, Intermediate and Pro.

The starter level verification needs E-mail, D.O.B and Physical address verification. The Intermediate would also ask for a valid ID and Proof of residence. And finally the Pro level would need IDCP as well as a KYC Questionnaire to be filled.

It’s available worldwide except North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Tajikistan, Japan, Cuba and Iran.  American citizen from Washington and New York can’t use Kraken either.

Kraken’s fee isn’t universal and rather depends on the currency pair, user’s 30-day trading volume as well as the user’s role in the trade (maker/trader).

The lowest possible trading fee is 0.00% while the highest being 0.26% per trade. Registration doesn’t take more than an hour for the starter level, however may take upto 5 days for Pro levels.

Payment methods include a number of altcoins such as BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT and many more. It also accepts fiat deposits via ACH, SEPA, Cash etc. Doesn’t accept PayPal, Cards.

Deposit limits and fee depend on the deposited currency, and deposit methods.  Lowest fee being “free” deposits for EUR via SEPA, highest being 1.25 CAD+ 0.25% for CAD deposits.  Is 5 EUR and 5 USD for most other deposits.

Minimum possible deposit is 1 EUR via SEPA, highest being 50,000 USD via Wire transfer. Currently supports 20+ trading pairs. Does provide for leverage trading.

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  • Poloniex

Website: https://poloniex.com

Poloniex is based out of U.S and is a Centralized trading exchange. It too requires verifications. Even though you can trade without verification, you can’t “withdraw” which isn’t a good idea.

It’s available globally and there doesn’t seem to be a list of countries it’s not available at. Despite being centralized, it only allows Cryptocurrency deposits and trades. Fiats aren’t accepted at the moment.

Its fee is based on the maker-taker model, lowest being 0.00% and highest being 0.25%.The minimum deposit limit varies for each currency. The maximum withdrawal limit would start off at USD $2000/day, and can be increased with verifications.

There’s no deposit fee. Withdrawal fee too depends on each currency. It’s 0.0005 BTC/withdrawal for Bitcoin, 0.01 ETH for Ethereum, 0.001 LTC for litecoin and so on.

Exchange rate is acceptable and is just around an extra USD $10.00 on the current BTC price. Allows leverage trading (for Non-US customers).

  • Bitfinex

Website: https://www.bitfinex.com/

Bitfinex is a centralized exchange based out of Hong Kong. It supports both Fiat as well as Cryptocurrency deposit methods and trades.

KYC verification is available and required only for “fiat-related” trades. No KYC required for trading Cryptocurrencies. Registration time is instant, although if and when KYC is initiated it may take upto 8 weeks or more.

Currently it’s available in 53 countries, except Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.

Depositing Cryptocurrencies is free if and when exceeding a deposit value of USD $1000 equivalent. Else there’s a deposit fee and it differs for each currency. It’s 0.0004 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.00135 ETH for Ethereum and so on. No charge whatsoever is levied on depositing EOS, NEO and some other altcoins.

Withdrawal fee too differs for each currency, and is exactly the same as the deposit fee for each coin. Although it’s levied on each withdrawal regardless of the amount.

Fiat deposits are charged at 0.1% or USD $60.00, whichever is higher. There’s also a minimum USD $20.00 withdrawal limit set on Crypto withdrawals.

Trading fee is based on maker-taker model. 0.05% and 0.1% being the lowest and highest fee respectively.

USD $400000 being stolen once, and then again in 2016 they lost USD $73 Million in one such hack. Offers over 151 coins to be traded with each other.

Although note that Bitfinex has been hacked multiple times which isn’t exactly something that screams “best trading exchanges”.

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  • CoinBase

Website: https://www.coinbase.com/

Coinbase Pro is the Cryptocurrency exchange run by Coinbase. With a trade volume of USD $150Billion+ cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase is totally one of the best trading exchanges on this list.

It’s a centralized exchange and needs KYC verification. The registration time depends on the time taken to verify the documents. The fee is based on the maker-taker model and varies from 0.00% to 0.25%.

Depositing  and withdrawing Cryptocurrencies and fiats via ACH is free, while deposits are charged at USD $10.00 for wire transfers and EUR 0.15 for SEPA transfers. Depositing via Swift is free but withdrawing costs £5GBP.

Withdrawing costs USD $25.00, EUR 0.15 and £5 GBP via Wire, SEPA and Swift respectively. It’s free for all the other methods.

Depositing Cryptocurrencies as well as USD is unlimited, it varies for SEPA and ACH. The withdrawal limit starts at USD $10000/day and can be increased with verifications.

Deposit methods include Cryptocurrencies, as well as fiats via Credit/Debit cards, Bank transfers and even Wire transfers. However which of these is supported for you will depend on your specific country.

Majority of the countries are supported, however the trading-pairs available for each currency vary. Currently supports as many as 22 Cryptocurrencies to be traded.

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  • WazirX

Website: https://wazirx.com/

WazirX is one of the best trading exchanges specially for Indians as it’s an Indian exchange which also is available globally for citizen of most countries. It lets users trade and deposit without KYC verification however for withdrawals KYC is must.

It primarily is a Cryptocurrency-only exchange, however its P2P exchange can be used to buy and sell fiat currencies, or for fiat-to-crypto trades.

Supports 100+ Cryptocurrencies. Minimum deposit, Minimum withdrawal, maximum withdrawal, withdrawal fee etc. are all dependent upon each individual currency.

For BTC there’s no minimum deposit amount. The withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC/withdrawal. Needs 4 confirmations for a BTC deposit to be confirmed. Has a 0.0001 BTC minimum withdrawal requirement while maximum being 3BTC.

Minimum trade amount too is currency-pair dependent. It’s 0.01ETH for ETH-BTC pair, 0.001BTC for BTC-USDT pair and so on. The fee for makers is 0.1% however is higher for the takers, being 0.25% of the trade.

  • BitStamp

Website: https://www.bitstamp.net

Bitstamp was founded in 2011, and is the first-ever nationally regulated Crypto exchange on the planet which does add some salt to its claim of being one of the best trading exchanges.

Does require KYC verifications, and at times the account-activation time may take weeks or months.

Trading fee starts at 0.1% and goes upto 0.25% depending on trading volume. Deposits can be made using both Crypto (BTCH, LTC, ETH, XRP) as well as Fiat methods using SEPA, Credit/Debit cards etc.

There’s a conversion fee of 0.90 EUR on SEPA withdrawals for non-EUR currencies, if already in EUR no fee applies. Minimum SEPA withdrawal is EUR 10.00

International withdrawals cost 0.09%/withdrawal or USD $15.00 whichever is higher. No fee is levied on SEPA deposits, international wire transfers are charged at 0.05% fee with 7.50 USD being the minimum possible fee.

Credit card purchases are priced at 5%. Withdrawing Cryptocurrencies is free, with the exception of Bitgo withdrawals being priced at 0.1%.

The minimum trading requirement is USD $5.00, EUR 5.00 or 0.0001BTC for USD, EUR and BTC denominated trading pairs respectively.

  • P2PB2B

Website: https://p2pb2b.io/

P2PB2B is a centralized exchange based out of Estonia. It does need KYC for withdrawals, although deposits and trades are possible without KYC as well.

They accept both Crypto as well as  Fiat deposits. Fiat can be deposited via Payeer, Perfect money, AdvCash, Epay and Capitalist.

Crypto deposits are free. Fiat deposits depend on the processor. Perfect Money, Capitalist and AdvCash charge  4% for deposits, while Payeer and Epay both charge 5% each.

Withdrawing via any fiat method costs 5%, except Capitalist which charge 4%/withdrawal. The minimum fiat deposit varies between 10-20 USD based on the processor. The minimum fiat withdrawal however is limited at 20 USD regardless of the processor.

Minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.001 BTC, while minimum deposit and withdrawal being 0.0002 BTC each. Varies for each currency.

There’s a flat trading fee of 0.2%/trade. No leverage trading available. 150+ coins available.

  • ExMo

Website: https://exmo.com

Another centralized exchange based in UK. It too requires KYC verification for its AML (Anti Money-Launding) policies.

It’s available globally and the website itself can be officially translated into 12 different languages!

The platform accepts both Cryptocurrencies as well as fiat deposits. Fiats can be deposited via Bank transfers, Credit and Debit cards. A number of processors such as SEPA, Payeer, CryptoCapital, AdvCash, Simplex, Perfect Money, EX-CODE etc. are used to help make deposits easy.

Deposits are largely free for most Cryptocurrencies (however some currencies like INK, OMG, DXT, HBZ etc). are charged.

Fiat deposits are charged based on the processors used, Credit/Debit card payments via Simplex costs 4.5%/deposit.  Payeer is priced at 3.95%. AdvCash and VISA payments are 3.45% each.

EUR deposits via SEPA and Wire transfer cost 6.95 EUR each.

Withdrawal fee too is based on the currency and processor used (in case of fiat withdrawals). BTC withdrawals cost 0.0005 BTC, AdvCash costs 2.95%/withdrawal, Perfect Money costs 0.5% and so on.

It takes a flat 0.2% fee for facilitating trades. Minimum possible trade amount is 0.001 BTC, maximum being 1000 BTC/trade. Every other coin is limited differently.

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  • OkEx

Website: https://www.okex.com

OkEx is a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange, and is the second exchange by “volume” just next to Binanace having traded USD $575,812,031 in BTC-USDT pair as per CoinMarketCap.

It’s a centralized exchange and requires verification. Atleast level 1 verification is mandatory for withdrawals. Level 1 accounts can withdraw 0.5 BTC every 24 hours, while this limit is extended to 100BTC for level 2 and 3 users.

No list of counties is available but they’re available in over 100 countries. Its fee depend on the “type” of trading (spot/futures/perpetual) as well as the trading volume of users.

Lowest trading fee is 0.01% while the highest being 0.1% for spot trading. Withdrawal limit depends on currencies. BTC withdrawal is limited at 100 BTC/transaction and 500 BTC/day.

Minimum deposit varies for each currency, it’s 0.00005 BTC for Bitcoin.

It doesn’t support fiat deposits at the moment.  As for Cryptocurrencies, over 100 such altcoins and token pairs are available. Does provide 4x leverage trading on “hour based” interest rates.

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  • DigiFinex

Website: https://www.digifinex.com

DigiFinex supports around 70+ Cryptocurrencies and over 140 trading pairs. The platform supports Cryptocurrencies and also lets users buy Cryptocurrencies using Credit Cards. Not available in some specific countries such as Pakistan, Ghana, Syria, Yemen and couple more.

The fee for purchasing via credit cards is 3.5% /transaction (or minimum USD $10.00)  with a minimum and maximum limit of USD $50.00 and USD $20,000 respectively.

Minimum deposit requirement is 0.0001 BTC for Bitcoin. Varies for each currency. There’s no crypto deposit fee. Withdrawal fee differs based on currency, it’s 0.0003 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.006 ETH for Ethereum, 0.03 LTC for Litecoin and so on.

Lowest possible trading fee is -0.03% while highest being 0.2% for takers. Does require KYC verifications. Does provide leverage trading.

  • LBank

Website: https://www.lbank.info

A Chinese exchange which accepts both Crypto as well as Fiat (US and Chinese Yuan) deposits. Wire transfers are available for fiat deposits.

Over 100 trading pairs consisting of 50 individual currencies and tokens are available for trading. KYC is optional and increases votes and withdrawal limits. All deposits are free.

Withdrawal charges depend on the currencies being withdrawn. It’s 0.0005BTC for Bitcoin, 0.01ETH for Ethereum and so on. There’s a minimum withdrawal limit as well, it’s 0.01BTC and 0.01ETH for Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively. Similarly varies for every other coin.

 Uses a maker-taker feel model and it’s a standard 0.1% for both at the moment. Doesn’t offer leverage trading.

  • BitForex

Website: https://www.bitforex.com

Supporting over 35 currencies to be traded. It’s an exchange based out of China and doesn’t need KYC verifications ((totally the qualities we seek in the best trading exchanges, isn’t it?). Registration is instant.

It doesn’t support FIAT trades yet and is completely a crypto-based trading exchange. There’s no deposit fee whatsoever (as long as you cover the transaction cost).

It too uses the maker-taker fee model, and the fee is 0.1% for both the maker as well as Taker of a trade.

Withdrawal fee and limits vary for each coin, it’s 0.0005BTC/withdrawal for Bitcoin with the minimum limit being 0.0001BTC/withdrawal and 100BTC/24 hours.

They’re available Worldwide with no country restrictions whatsoever. It supports nearly 100 coins and pairs to be traded with each other.

The chat-reps are Chinese but they speak acceptable and understandable English.

  • LiveCoin

Website: https://www.livecoin.net

An older exchange launched in 2015, is centralized yet doesn’t force users to get their KYC verifications done. The limits for non-KYC users are attractive and competitive even for the other options on this best trading exchanges list.

It’s a global platform without any known or specific country restrictions. It supports both Crypto as well as fiat deposit methods.

Fiat can be deposited using Payeer, Perfect money, Capitalist, AdvCash, Qiwi, Credit/Debit cards and many other methods. Fiat deposits are charged based on the currency and payment processor used.

For example, Deposits via Payeer are charged 1.5%, 5.5% and 7% for RUR, USD and EUR respectively. Depositing via Capitalist is 100% free. AdvCash charges 5%, 3% and 3.5% for EUR, USD and RUR respectively.

Crypto deposits are free regardless of the currency.

The withdrawal fee is again based on the processor and currency. Capitalist charges a 2%/withdrawal, Payeer charges 0.5% for USD and 5.5% for RUR and EUR. Perfect Money is priced at 3.5% and 1% for EUR USD withdrawals receptively and so on.

Minimum/Maximum withdrawals too are processor-specific, however for most processors the minimum deposit amount is 50USD and min. withdrawal requirement being 10USD.  This varies if you withdraw RUR, EUR and according to the processor.

BTC and LTC withdrawals are priced at 0.0005BTC/withdrawal and 0.02LTC/withdrawal. Minimum BTC withdrawal possible is 0.002BTC. Varies for each currency.

Trading fee is based on trade-volume, lowest possible fee is 0.02% while highest being 0.18% for the newest users.

  • Coin Tiger

Website: https://www.cointiger.com

A decentralized, China-based exchange which doesn’t need KYC verifications for users to trade.

They primarily support Cryptocurrencies, although CNY (fiat) payments can be made to purchase USDT/ BitCNY or TCH and then traded for other currencies. This is only available for Chinese customers.

Registration time is instant. Deposit fee and minimum limits vary based on each currency. Minimum deposit requirement for USDT is 50.00USDT. Fiat deposits aren’t accepted (except CNY).

Withdrawal rules too are currency-specific, for e.g. minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.002BTC while the fee being 0.0005BTC/withdrawal. The minimum limit for ETH is 0.02ETH and the fee is 0.01ETH and so on.

There’s no deposit fee apart from the transaction fee.  They’re available worldwide. The trading fee is fixed at 0.15% for the taker and 0.08% for the maker.

  • Idax

Website: https://www.idax.pro/

Idax is a centralized exchange with headquarters in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It does need KYC verifications. Users can create accounts, deposit and even trade without KYC but withdrawal is possible only after the basic KYC being completed.

Registation time is instant. As of now the only support Cryptocurrencies, even though fiat deposit methods are available they’re only for “Chinese bank cards”.

There’s absolutely no deposit fee, however withdrawal is charged. Again alike all other exchanges it depends on the currency being withdrawn.  The minimum withdrawal limit for Bitcoin is 0.0001BTC and the fee is 0.0005BTC.

Trading fee is 0.1% for makers and 0.15% for takers. Their current 24 hour trading volume is 1,790,496,394.57 USD which is pretty impressive. It supports over 70 currencies to be traded on the platform.

They’re available worldwide.

  • Bit-Z

Website: https://www.bit-z.com/

Bit-Z is an exchange headquartered in Hong Kong, China which needs KYC verifications for withdrawal, even though account creation is allowed without KYC.  There’s no activation time for the accounts and it’s instant.

They support all the countries globally and have no restrictions at the moment. Deposits are completely free. Withdrawals depend on currencies. The price is 0.0004BTC for Bitcoin, 0.01ETH for Ethereum, 2.00USDT for USD Tether and so on. Minimum limits too differ, it’s set at 15USDT for USDT.

It’s a crypto-only platform however fiat buys are possible via OTC. The OTC however depends on the other party and it may or may not accept your desired fiat payment method.

Lowest possible trading fee is 0% while the highest being 0.01%. Depends on users’ trade-volume. Does provide leverage trading. Supports 140 currencies and 205 trading pairs.

  • CoinBene

Website: https://www.coinbene.com

Based out of Vanuatu, Coinbene is a centralized exchange.  Worry not, it doesn’t need KYC verifications. Although obviously getting verified increases the limits. However, trading, depositing and withdrawing is totally possible even without KYC verification.

Registrations do not have a wait-time and are instant. They’re available globally without any country restrictions.

Currently only crypto deposits are supported, unless you use OTC and/or can use Chinese Yuan to deposit fiats. Deposits are free. Withdrawal charges and limits depend on currency as well as verification level.

For Bitcoin both the fee  and the minimum requirement is 0.0005BTC/withdrawal. Non-KYC users are limited at 2BTC/day withdrawal. It’s a flat-fee platform and charges the same 0.1% to both the makers and the takers for the trade.

It supports over 100 Cryptocurrencies.

  • Coinall

Website: https://www.coinall.com

Coinall is a centralized exchange based out of Hongkong. With the trade volume of $1,494,727,641 in the past 24 hours, it totally is one of the best trading exchanges.

It does require KYC verification for withdrawals, so you can register an account and even trade but not take your money out without KYC.

It supports as many as 124 trading pairs out of its 78 currency pairs. Registration is instant. Is a crypto-only exchange and doesn’t support fiat deposits. Deposits are free, other deposit and withdrawal rules however are currency-specific.

BTC doesn’t have a min. Deposit requirement, the min. Withdrawal possible is 0.0005BTC and a fee of 0.0005BTC/withdrawal is levied. ETH has a 0.01-flat value which acts as its minimum deposit value, withdrawal fee as well as the minimum withdrawal value.

Is available worldwide. Doesn’t support leverage trading. There’s a flat fee of 0.2% for the maker as well as the taker.

  • HitBTC

Website: https://hitbtc.com/

An exchange extremely rich in its currency-support. It facilitates the trade of as many as 377 coins in 877 pairs, the maximum number any platform on this list of best trading exchanges supports.

Is based out of Hong Kong, and has a current 24-hour trade volume of USD $1,421,425,056.

Even though it’s a centralized exchange, KYC isn’t mandatory and is optional. It uses a maker-taker fee model. The lowest maker fee possible is -0.01% while the highest being 0.2% for the taker.

The withdrawal fee is dependent on the currency, it’s 0.00085BTC for each BTC withdrawal. Deposits are free. They also support deposits via Visa or Mastercards and allow users to purchase Bitcoins via Changelly. It’s available globally.

  • DobiTrade

Website: https://www.dobiexchange.com/

Dobitrade is a centralized exchange which needs KYC verifications. Supports 50+ coins. Account activation time would depend on the verification time required for the documents. Current 24 hour trade-volume is $1,378,226,787.

No country restrictions found on the official website and it also supports U.S traders.  The fee is based on the traditional maker-taker model and is a flat 0.1% for both the makers and takers.

Deposit and withdrawal fee isn’t currency-specific in this case. Deposits are free and withdrawal is charged at 0.3% flat.

Fiat deposits aren’t currently allowed. Supports over 50 coins and even more trading pairs. Doesn’t support leverage trading.

  • ZB

Website: https://www.zb.com

ZB is based out Samoa and is a decentralized trading exchange. It lets users deposit, trade as well as engage in spot trading without any KYC verifications making it one of the best trading exchanges (atleast for privacy-conscious folks).

It accepts only Cryptocurrency deposits. The only exception to this is fiat deposits via CNY (Chinese bank cards). There are no country restrictions and it’s available globally.

Uses flat-fee model, trading fee is based on account level. Lowest trading fee is 0.06% while highest being 0.2%. There’s a minimum deposit fee on some currencies and not on others.

For e.g. no min. deposit limit lies on BTC, but it does exist for LTC (0.1LTC), ETH (0.1ETH) and others. Similarly the withdrawal fee too varies. Although the platform lets users control the fee for some coins (BTC and LTC).

The default withdrawal fee for BTC is 0.001BTC with a 60BTC/day limit. Does offer leverage trading.

  • CoinEgg

Website: https://www.coinegg.com

CoinEgg is centralized exchange based in the UK. It does require KYC verifications and the verification-level dictates the withdrawal limit.

Their “Primary Certification” (level 1 verification) allows users a withdrawal of approximately 5BTC/day, while the next level of verification increases this limit to 50BTC.

They accept both Cryptocurrencies as well as fiat deposits. Fiat deposits however may be limited to some countries, and can only be made using Bank cards, WeChat and AliPay.

It charges a flat 0.1% trading fee for all the coins. The withdrawal fee however varies for each currency, it’s 0.001BTC, 0.001LTC, 0.01ETH, 0.5% NXT for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and NXT coin respectively.

The exchange claims global presence. And supports over 80 coins and 113 trading pairs. Doesn’t support leverage trading.

  • BitMart

Website: https://www.bitmart.com/

BitMart is a centralized trading exchange. It doesn’t need KYC for deposits, or trades however funds can only be withdrawn once KYC verification is done.

It supports both Crypto, as well as Fiat deposit methods. Fiat currencies can be used to fund accounts using its Simplex partnership using VISA and Mastercards only. However it has some limits.

For starters the first transaction must be between USD $50.00 and USD $20,000.  A maximum daily fiat purchase limit of USD $20,000 and monthly limit of USD $50,000 too is in place.

There’s a fee of 5% (minimum USD $10.00) on all fiat-based purchases. Note that fiat purchases via Simplex need KYC (identity verification).

Crypto deposits are free. Withdrawal fee and limits depend on currencies. Minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.005BTC with a fee of 0.0005BTC/withdrawal. Minimum limit and fee of 0.015ETH and 0.01ETH are levied upon ETH withdrawals respectively. Varies for each currency.

Trading uses maker-taker model. Maker pays 0.1% /trade, taker pays 0.2%. 50% discount on trading fee if BMX coin is used for fee-payment.

Trading fee also depends on trade-volume and BMX holdings. Lowest possible fee being 0.03% while highest being 0.2%.  Supports 100+ coins and 140+ trading pairs.

  • Changelly

Website: https://changelly.com/

Changelley is a decentralized exchange which doesn’t have mandatory KYC verification requirements.

It accepts both fiat as well as Crypto deposit methods. However when buying fiat the payment processors (Simplex and Indacoin) may require KYC verifications.

Trading/Depositing/Withdrawing crypto on Changelly itself doesn’t have any KYC requirements (as long as no suspicious activity is detected).

Differs from the other best trading exchanges as the interface is completely unique and innovative, and it functions more like a “swap platform” which lets you swap one currency (both fiat and crypto) for another.

It supports over 140 currencies and pairs to be traded/swapped with one another. The fee however is considerably higher, fiat deposits are provided by third-party processors which charge as much as 5%/transaction. Then there’s the changelly fee of 0.5% from the output amount.

Isn’t available globally and the restricted countries include (but not limited to) USA, Cuba, Iran, Bangladesh, Bolivia etc.  It charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0001BTC .

  • BiBox

Website: https://www.bibox.com

BiBox is a centralized exchange from China. Although it doesn’t need KYC verifications and supports limited withdrawal upto 2BTC/day for non-KYC verified users.

KYC is available in case you’d want to increase your withdrawal limits to 30BTC. Deposits are free. Supports only Cryptocurrencies.

There’s a 0.1% fixed trading fee both for the maker and taker, although the trading fee is reduced by 50% if BIX coin is used to pay for the trades.

Withdrawal fee depends on currencies. It’s 0.0005BTC for Bitcoin, 0.006ETH for Ethereum, 0.005LTC for Litecoin and so on. The minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is 0.005BTC. Varies for each coin.

Supports over 90 currencies and 200+ trading pairs. Does offer leverage trading.

  • BitMarket

Website: https://www.bitmarket.net/

BitMarket is a Centralized exchange, but also the first ever in Poland to allow leverage trading which vouches for its place on this best trading exchanges list.

It has a flexible KYC policy, meaning you don’t need KYC verifications as long as you’re depositing Crypto.

The platform also supports direct fiat deposits, as well as withdrawals. However when dealing with EUR or PNL to buy/sell Cryptocurrencies KYC is mandatory.

Depositing all Cryptocurrencies and PLN (Poland złoty) is free. Depositing EUR has charges starting at 2EUR and going upto 5EUR+ extras.

Withdrawing PLN costs 4PLN/withdrawal. ATM withdrawals cost between 10-20PLN (based on the withdrawal amount).SEPA withdrawals have a fixed charge of 2EUR.

BTC has a withdrawal fee of 0.0002BTC, fee for every other currency differs. Verified users have a daily EUR and PLN deposit and withdrawal limits of funds equivalent to 1.000.000 PLN. There’s no Crypto deposit limit.

Lowest trading fee possible is 0.00% and the highest is 0.45%. Although it depends on trade volume. Average trading fee would start at 0.15% for Makers and 0.45% for traders.

  • IDCM

Website: https://www.idcm.io/

IDCM stands for International Digital Currency Markets. It is an alliance of a number of Cryptocurrency exchanges which has the benefits of both a Centralized, as well as a Decentralized exchange.

KYC verification doesn’t seem to be a requirement for trading on the platform, not atleast for its Crypto trades. It also supports fiat deposits via Banks, PayPal and a number of other processors.

Minimum deposit and deposit fee varies for each currency. USD requires a minimum deposit of USD $500 with a fee of 2% (minimum USD $100)/deposit which is a bit steep.

BTC, ETH, and XRP have a minimum deposit requirement of 0.001 BTC, 0.01ETH and 10XRP respectively. There’s no deposit fee for Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal limits and fee too are currency-specific. Minimum BTC withdrawal possible is 0.001BTC with a fee of 0.0005BTC/withdrawal. Minimum USD withdrawal possible is USD $10,000 with a fee of 3% (minimum USD $100).

Around 40 coins and 90 coin pairs available. Trading fee is fixed at 0.1% for both the maker and the taker.

  • BitKub

Website: https://www.bitkub.com

BitKub is a Centralized Thailand based trading exchange which has mandatory KYC requirements. However it makes things easier by facilitating Fiat deposits as well as withdrawals. The fiat feature is only available for “Thailand” banks.

It’s available globally without any country restrictions. Cryptocurrency deposits are absolute free. Withdrawal fee depends on each currency. For e.g. BTC is charged at 0.0005BTC/withdrawal, ETH is 0.005ETH/withdrawal, BTCH is 0.0001BTCH/withdrawal and so on.

Trading fee is fixed at 0.25% for both the makers and the takers which is higher than the average industry standard.

Fiat-withdrawing fee is based on the amount and bank. For amounts lower than 100,000THB they charge 20THB flat. For 100K+THB but lower than 500K THB the withdrawal fee is 20THB for K-Bank, and 75THB for other banks.

  • BKex

Website: https://www.bkex.com

BKex is a centralized exchange which primarily supports Cryptocurrencies as of now. Although Fiat deposits via Chinese bank cards are supported.

It does need KYC verification for withdrawals. Supports around 60 coins and 100 trading pairs. Deposit is free. Withdrawal rules depend on each currency.

Minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.01BTC, while maximum withdrawal is 100BTC/transaction. Maximum 24 Hour withdrawal for BTC is 500BTC. It charges a 0.0008BTC fee/withdrawal.

Charges a flat trading fee of  0.2% /trade. Is available globally.

  • Prime XBT

Website: https://primexbt.com

Prime XBT is one of the most advanced trading exchanges out there, so much so that it even facilitates the trade of stocks and forex. It’s centralized and is based out of Seychelles.

Anyway, it clearly and multiple times states that registration and deposits do not require KYC or any other verifications.

It does accept deposits via Debit and Credit cards (via Changelly). Fee rules depend on currencies. The minimum BTC deposit allowed is 0.001BTC . Minimum BTC-USD trades must be worth 0.01BTC, while maximum 150BTC/trade is allowed.

It charges a trading fee of 0.05% /trade. Crypto deposits are free. Fiat deposits’ fee depend on Changelly’s fee.

Is available globally except for Politically exposed people. Supports over 130 currencies. Does provide 100x leverage trading.

  • LAToken

Website: https://latoken.com/

LAToken is a centralized exchange which lets us trade equities and commodities as well as in addition to Cryptocurrencies. A rare feature even for the best trading exchanges on the planet.

It supports both Crypto and fiat (via Simplex) deposit methods. Requires KYC and has 4 verification levels, 0 to 3.

Purchasing via Fiat methods (debit/credit cards) requires KYC verifications. There’s a steep 7% fee on the fiat purchases which is included with the final price.

Bitcoin and other currency deposits are free. Withdrawal fee and limits are currency-specific (obviously). BTC is charged at 0.001BTC/withdrawal and the min. withdrawal is 0.002BTC.

Trading fee is set at 0.1% for both the makers and the takers. However there’s a 50% discount if and when LA token is used, the fee is then reduced to 0.5%.  Supports over 150 coins and 300+ trading pairs.

Not available globally. Users from Pakistan, Syria, Sri Lanka , Bosnia And Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, , Tunisia, Uganda, Yemen, Trinidad and Tobago, Afghanistan and Korea are prohibited from trading on LaToken.

  • DCoin

Website: https://www.dcoin.com/

With current 24-hour total trade volume of USD $722,138,903, DCoin is 28th most popular and best trading exchange according to CoinMarketCap.

It’s based in Switzerland, and despite being Centralized allows for non-KYC trades including Deposits and Withdrawals. Non-KYC users can withdraw upto 2BTC/day, while verification increases this limit to 100BTC/day.

It’s a crypto-only platform. Currently supports over 90 coins. Deposit is absolutely free. Withdrawal depends on the currency. Minimum withdrawal is 0.01BTC, 0.05ETH, 20 XRP for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple respectively.

The fee too is based on currencies, they charge 0.001BTC/withdrawal for BTC, 0.02for LTC, 20USDT for USDT and so on.

The trading fee is fixed at 0.2%/trade for both the makers and the takers.

  • BitMex

Website: https://www.bitmex.com

BitMex is one of the most popular, and some would agree; one of the best trading exchanges out there. For starters despite being Centralized, its No KYC policy is extremely lucrative.

It’s available globally, however not for U.S Citizens. Recently they terminated the account of a trading-guru Tony Vays on grounds of him being a U.S citizen.

Most popular for its leverage-trading support and provides upto 100x leverage! Lowest trading fee possible is -0.025% while the highest possible fee for the taker is 0.075%.

There’s no deposit fee on Bitmex as it’s a crypto-only exchange. Withdrawals too are free and only the network fee for the transaction is charged. It has a slightly different working infrastructure than other trading platforms and hence currently only supports 8 coins.

  • Bitker

Website: https://www.bitker.com

Bitker is a centralized exchange which requires KYC verification. They emphasize heavily on multiple Identity authentications and hence are placed lower on this list of the best trading exchanges.

The platform is based in Singapore. As of today supports nearly 80 Coins and 100+ coin pairs. All countries are supported.

It’s crypto-only although users can trade using CNY on its OTC trade section. Deposits are absolutely free. It has a fixed 0.1% trading fee for both the maker and the taker.

The withdrawals are currency-specific, minimum Bitcoin withdrawal is 0.01BTC and a fee of 0.0005BTC is levied. Minimum 0.02 ETH can be withdrawn for a fee of 0.005ETH/withdrawal and so on.

  • CoinMex

Website: https://www.coinmex.com

CoinMex is a centralized exchange based out of Belize. It lets users Deposit and trade without KYC verifications but withdrawal is only possible after atleast level 1 verifications.

Even level 1 verifications allow for only 2BTC withdrawal/day. For higher limits level 2 verification is required.  It only accepts Crypto deposits.

Trading fee is 0.1% for all its pairs and for both the parties (i.e. the maker and the taker). BTC trades and deposits are allowed however for some reason I couldn’t find the rules pertaining to its deposits and withdrawal on them.

Anyway, every currency has its own rules. For e.g. ETH has a min. deposit requirement of 0.01ETH, min. withdrawal requirement being 0.01ETH, the withdrawal fee too is 0.01ETH. For other coins the graph isn’t so linear.

For e.g. the LTC the min. deposit and min. withdrawal is 0.1LTC but the withdrawal fee is 0.008LTC. Deposits are free.

  • ShapeShift

Website: https://www.shapeshift.io/

ShapeShift is a decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange. It differs from the other best trading exchanges on this list in the sense that it doesn’t provide users with the “trading chart” or instant buy-sell interface.

Rather it lets users send in one Cryptocurrency, and receive another currency in exchange. It recently started asking users for KYC and isn’t as anonymous as it once was.

It charges a miner fee based on the currencies. It’s 0.001BTC, 0.003ETH, 0.002DASH and so on.  There’s no extra withdrawal fee because the platform doesn’t keep the coins on its platform, rather whatever you purchase is sent to an external wallet address specific by you.

It’s available worldwide except in New York and Washington. They recently started letting users purchase Crypto using Credit/Debit cards via Changelly. Allows for over 64 currencies to be exchanged with one another.

  • Simex

Website: https://simex.global

Simex is a centralized exchange based out of U.S.A. It needs KYC verifications. Allows deposits via fiats and Cryptocurrencies. Crypto deposits are free.

Fiat deposit methods include the Simex prepaid card, Credit/Debit cards, bank transfers etc. Fiat fee depends on the payment methods. For e.g. RUB deposits are free, while USD-Wire transfers are charged at USD $16.00/deposit.

Similarly, withdrawing via Visa/Mastercard costs 2.9%, Yandex withdraws cost 3.3%, WebMoney costs 2.9%  and Wire withdrawals cost 45USD/withdrawal.

Slightly more complicated than traditional exchanges as it also lets users trade in Equity, Bonds, Utility etc. Flat trading fee of 0.1% charged. SMX token reduces trading fee. Owning 10000 SMX tokens nullifies the trading fee completely and makes trading free.

Supports nearly 20 Cryptocurrencies.

  • HotBit

Website: https://www.hotbit.io/

HotBit is built on the “CONCEPT OF DECENTRALIZATION” –Hotbit. It doesn’t require any KYC for basic registration and trades.  If you’ve used Binance, you’d notice that the Hotbit interface is almost identical to that of Binance.

It’s a crypto-only exchange. Uses a fixed trading fee for makers and takers of 0.1%/trade. Using HTB coin reduces the transaction fee by half.

Deposits are free. Withdrawals depend on specific currencies. For e.g. minimum BTC withdrawal is 0.002BTC and a fee of 0.001BTC/withdrawal is levied. New users need to wait 24 hours before being able to withdraw funds.

Supports nearly 300 coins and 600+ Trading pairs, one of the highest numbers on this entire list of best trading exchanges!

  •  kABCC

Website: https://abcc.com/en

ABCC is centralized. That been said, it doesn’t force KYC verifications and allows deposits, trades as well as withdrawals without KYC verification.

A non-KYC verified user can withdraw funds equivalent to 10,000USDT (or any other currency) /24 hours. Verified users get this limited extended to 1,000,000 USDT or equivalent.

Primarily is crypto-only platform however lets users buy Crypto using Credit/Debit cards via Simplex. There’s no Deposit fee. Trading fee is fixed at 0.1%.

Supports over 83 coins and 150+ trading pairs. Is available globally. Withdrawal fee depends on currencies, for BTC it’s 0.0005BTC/withdrawal. Minimum BTC withdrawal possible is 0.002BTC/withdrawal.

  • Coinsbit

Website: https://coinsbit.io

Coinsbit is a comparatively newer market with fewer trading pairs and currency support. It’s centralized, and does need KYC verifications for withdrawals.

They accept both Cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat deposit (USD only) methods (VISA/ Mastercards).

Deposit is free when done via Advcash, else it’s charged at 7% when VISA/ Mastercards are used. Minimum USD deposit is 10USD via Advcash and 30.00 USD via Cards. The withdrawal fee is 4% (minimum USD $10.00, maximum USD $1000.00). Minimum USD withdrawal is USD $15.00

Crypto deposits are free. Withdrawal rules vary. Minimum 0.001BTC deposit is required. Minimum withdrawal is set at 0.002BTC/withdrawal. A withdrawal fee os 0.0012BTC/withdrawal is levied.

Doesn’t have any country restrictions and is available globally. Supports 15+ coins currently. Trading fee is 0.02% for both the maker and the taker.

  •  Bhex

Website: https://www.bhex.com

Bhex is one of those few best trading exchanges which despite being centralized doesn’t need KYC verifications. Without KYC verifications users are allowed to withdraw upto 2BTC/day. Although verification extends this limit.

It’s strictly a crypto-only platform and doesn’t allow fiat deposits. Does have a Fiat OTC section though for CNY trades.

Uses a maker-taker trading fee model and has a flat fee of 0.2% for both. Is available worldwide. BTC withdrawal fee as well as minimum withdrawal limit is 0.002BTC/withdrawal. Other currencies can be withdrawn and the fee depends on the currency.

Depositing is absolutely free.

  • GoPax

Website: https://www.gopax.com/

GoPax claims to be the world’s first ISO/IEC 27001 certified crypto exchange. It’s a centralized exchange. Lets users trade, deposit as well as withdraw with “OTP” verification as well.

Meaning, you don’t need to complete its full KYC verification, simply getting your phone verified unlocks withdrawal feature even though it’s limited at 20,000 DAI. It’s one of the rarest features among any of the best trading exchanges out there.

It’s crypto-only and doesn’t support fiat deposits or trades.  There are no limits on deposits and they’re absolutely free.

Withdrawal however depends on currencies. BTC has a 0.0005BTC/withdrawal fee and a 0.0001BTC/withdrawal minimum limit.  0.01ETH/withdrawal fee for ETH is levied with the minimum limit being 0.0001ETH and so on.

It charges a 0.40% trading fee which is a bit high compared to other best trading exchanges. Is available globally. Supports nearly 40 coins.

  • Crypto Bridge

Website: https://crypto-bridge.org/

Crypto Bridge is the last option we’re including in this best trading exchanges article.  A Decentralized exchange as its tagline suggests. It doesn’t require KYC verification, except for U.S Citizen.

The platform isn’t big on information or F.A.Q and hence you may find trouble searching for its fee, limits and such other information.

However as an exchange it lists over 250 coins, and 370+ trading pairs. There’s no deposit fee as it supports only Cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal fee differs for each currency.

It charges a flat 0.2% trading fee for trades on the platform. It’s available globally across all countries without any restrictions.

  • LocalBitcoins

Website: http://localbitcoins.com

Another “eBay for Bitcoins”. LocalBitcoins too connects a willing seller to a potential buyer and vice-versa. Is based out of Finland.

Is completely decentralized and doesn’t need any verifications. Can be used worldwide. Registration time is instant. Supports all countries.

Primary payment methods include Bank transfers, Paypal, Cash, Neteller, Webmoney etc. In total features over 30 other methods.  The supported altcoins for payments are ETH, LTC and XRP.

Only facilitates the trading of Bitcoin. Buying and Selling is free, although if you create an “ad” it’s charged at 1% of the transaction. Withdrawal fee is adjusted frequently and regularly. However it’s around 0.00005 BTC on an average currently.

Minimum/Maximum amounts depend on each individual buyer/seller. The exchange rates are usually extremely high as compared to the actual Bitcoin price. Although it too has been hacked and has had money stolen.

Read Full Review: LocalBitcoins.com Review

Wrap Up – Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

So those were the best trading exchanges out there folks. Note that there do exist hundreds of other exchanges, and each one is better or worse than the other in its own way.

Bottomline, all of the options listed above would let you trade Bitcoins and a number of other Cryptocurrencies. There’s no “one exchange fits all” size, it totally depends on the users personal needs, goals and a number of other factors.

Anyway, do let us know if this piece on the best trading exchanges helped you? And if you’d like us to add any more of your personal favourites to the list (and why?).


The data (fee, volume, limits etc.) on this article are purely for references and comparison. We (the authors) of this post do not guarantee the “accuracy” of these data because:

  • These values change every second.
  • The individual exchanges control the values and we have absolutely no control over them.

Also note that Cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile market. This article is not to be taken as an encouragement, affiliation or motivation for Crypto (or any other kind of) trading.

Any and all financial loss/gain which may be a direct or indirect result of this article is 100% your own responsibility and it’s your duty to do your own research before risking your money.

FAQ’s Questions That You Need to Know!

Q. What are Centralized and Decentralized exchanges?

Centralized exchanges have full control over your funds, transactions, and even private keys. Decentralized exchanges on the other hand offer a lot more control.

The govt. also exercise a lot of control over Centralized exchanges while the control is non-existent, or indirect with Decentralized exchanges.

Centralized exchanges also mostly need in-depth KYC verifications, it’s not always the case with decentralized exchanges and they’re mostly anonymous.

Although Centralized exchanges also have some benefits such as being able to allow Fiat transactions and trades while it’s not always the case with Decentralized exchanges. Liquidity and limits too are effected by an exchange’s centralization.

Q. Which is the best trading exchange?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in thee industry. Unfortunately there’s no absolute winner.

It completely depends upon each individual which exchange suits him/her. For your personal assessment, you can prioritise if you need “privacy” or “ease” and accordingly go with a KYC-requiring or non-KYC exchange.

Then your trading –budget, country you live in, currency you wish to trade etc. factor in. On the surface level, I’d say Binance is a pretty good place to start.

Q. Is Crypto-trading Legal?

It primarily and largely is, unless you’re in a country like Egypt, Algeria, China, Nepal and Morocco etc. where it’s outright ILLEGAL! (See full list here)

In most countries, it’s legal. Even if it’s not accepted as a legal tender or not backed by fiats, trading or using Cryptocurrencies won’t land you in jail.

Q. Is it safe to keep Cryptocurrencies on Exchanges?

Absolutely not. Exchanges are prone to hacks, scams and many other threats. You should only keep the minimum trading amount on exchanges, cash out your profits as well as any excess funds to external WALLETS.

Q. What is Leverage Trading?

In the simplest possible terms, it’s a kind of borrowing of money. For e.g. if I’m using a exchange which provides 10x leverage, and I only have 1BTC, I can trade for 1X10=10 BTC. While this exponentially increases gains, there also are the chances of massive losses.

The fee-structure too varies for leverage trading and often incurs an interest on the loaned amount.

Q. Do you need  to Download a software to trade Cryptocurrencies?

No. Almost all exchanges have a web-interface. However most do offer Mobile apps to help users trade on the go from the cell phones.

Q. Do you need to pay Taxes on Cryptocurrency Profits?

Well it depends based on the country you live in. If you’re in the U.S, you do need to pay taxes and fill the IRS 8949 form.  If you’re in any other country, you’d have to do a Google search as it’ll be very specific to your country (and sometimes even your state).

Q. What Happens if you Don’t pay Taxes on Crypto profits?

Again it’ll depend on the laws of the country. But if you used a non-KYC exchange, didn’t make a billion dollars overnight, and have a non-traceable source for your coins chances of any legal complications are next to non-existent.

Q8. I don’t have any Cryptocurrency, how to trade on exchanges?

You can either find an exchange which allows direct fiat purchases (Binance, Paxful, OkCoin etc). or purchase independently using LocalBitcoin or other sources. Then transfer the funds to your exchange and proceed with the trading.

Q. Is trading price true on exchanges?

Yes, I’ve never encountered an exchange which displays outright FALSE pricing for trading pairs. Although there are DIFFERENCES, some exchanges have a very thin difference between the original price and what they’re asking ,while others may have a steeper price.

Q. What effects the Pricing of Currencies and Trading Pairs?

These are just like stocks. Any new development in the currency, govt. imposed regulations, Rumours etc. effect the price of any currency directly.